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You Know You're A Vet Student When...

You Know You're A Vet Student When...

1. You can have a conversation about the abscess you drained today while eating cream of broccoli soup without any problem at all. Or for that matter, over any kind of meal. (verdade!)

2. When you are told mechanisms are "not yet known" in your lectures you are just grateful that no one has figured it out yet. (já pensei tantas vezes nisto xD Ainda bem que é menos uma coisa para saber!)

3. You realise you signed up for 5 years of feelings of inadequacy and the possibility of stress induced gastritis. (verdade, infelizmente. E já tive mesmo alguns problemas gástricos à custa de stress excessivo)

4. Your DOS tells you that you have to balance your life with vet school, and then are baffled when you ask them how to do it. (É o pão nosso de cada dia. Se me disserem como fazer isto dou-vos um prémio =)

5. If you cut yourself your first thoughts are: Thank goodness for platelets! And your second thought is about the clotting cascade.

6. You get 50% on an exam and your only thought is "Wow! I passed". This is the transition point from high school to vet school. (isto é verdade em quase todos os cursos superiores)

7. You're still excited to see live animals. (claro xD)

8. When you go out with non-vet students, you're abnormally quiet, because you don't know what to talk about besides vet school. (esta é daquelas que eu preferia não ter de confessar. Mas é verdade =S Mas eu também sou tímida, por isso é uma mistura das duas coisas)

9. You're really frightened by the thought of some of your classmates becoming vets.(nem vou comentar. Mas sim, é verdade lol)

10. You know countless dirty mnemonics for parts of the body, but couldn't tell anyone what the front-page headline today is. (ahah xD verdade!)

11. Your life consists of three parts: studying, drinking, and sleeping. (drinking water, só se for! O resto é verdade.)

12. You refer to the previous year as "The Good Old Days." (Sim =0 isto está demasiado parecido com a realidade lol)

13. You consistently tell people that they just don't understand how bad vet school really is. (Constantemente, mas já desisti um bocado de fazer isso. Só percebe quem passa pelas coisas, de outra forma não é possível.)

14. You don't bother dating because the divorce rate is 70% for vets. (Não sabia desse valor. Só sabia do valor de suicídios que é muito elevado -.- De qualquer forma, não quero mesmo saber de encontros.Tenho mais em que pensar!)

15. You question every day if you should drop out and work at Starbucks, then realise that as soon as you were two semesters into vet school, you were too far in debt to be anything but a vet. (sim xD)

16. People assume you know something about their pets when you tell them you're in vet school, but you know that you haven't learned anything. (já me vão fazendo muitas perguntas..umas coisas sei, mas a maioria não)

17. A "study group" is you, your notes, and your red bull. (me, my notes and coffee)

18. You've done physical exams on the pets of your roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, and any close friends. (só nos meus. Muitas vezes, coitados.)

19. You speak only in acronyms and abbreviations; BVDV, Tx, Px, Sx. (só alguns..)

20. You've been asked by at least 2 mentors if you have ever considered “veterinary research” (NO I want to be a VETERINARY SURGEON!!!) (sim, é verdade, lá vem a velha história da investigação que não me atrai nem um bocadinho)

21. You can name the three people in your class who are the question-asker, the arguer, and the stoner/alkie/druggie who's never IN class. (completamente!!)

22. You go a week without sleeping with no problem at all. Sem problemas não! lol

23. People always say “oh my son/daughter/friend” wants to be a vet. And your first instinct is to say “Don’t do it!!” And you can’t think why… Oh, não.. Eu acho fofo que digam isso =)

24. You like awake at night thinking about all the zoonotic diseases out there… Toxoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, Listeriosis, Brucellosis, anyone???

20/24! Isto está mesmo bem feito =P

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Vida de Praia disse...

LOL :-D Ai a vida académica, especialmente dos cursos que têm muita anatomia ;-)

Lacorrilha disse...

70%? Eh pá, mas é que nem arrisques casar. LOL